Bristol Psychotherapy and Counseling

Bristol, Tennessee and Bristol, Virginia

Bristol Therapy

Bristol is two halves of a whole: Bristol, Tennessee, and Bristol, Virginia. That gives you options to seek therapy on either side of the state line. The great part is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Tennessee or Virginia because Willow & Arbor is here to help either way.

The first step on your path is a free phone consultation. You’ll talk to a therapist about what your goals for therapy are, and they’ll help you figure out which of our staff therapists would be best able to help you meet them. You and the therapist you choose will then work together as much, or as little, as your unique needs require.

Bristol Therapy

Willow & Arbor provides therapeutic services for the Bristol Tennessee and Virginia areas, including nearby towns like Abingdon, Blountville, Bluff City, Holston Valley, and Walnut Hill. Our office is just down Bristol Highway (Route 19W) in nearby Johnson City.

You can choose to meet with one of our therapists either in-person at our Johnson City office, or you can choose to have therapy with our telehealth virtual sessions if you are physically located in Tennessee at the time of the session.

Contact us to talk to one of our Bristol therapy providers, and together let’s figure out how we can help you get where you want to be.

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