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Jonesborough Therapy

Jonesborough brings in storytellers from around the world to the International Storytelling Festival, but every person who lives in the area has their own unique story to tell as well. Having somewhere private and safe with someone you can trust to tell your story to is important, and we’d be honored to listen if you choose to make Willow and Arbor that place for you.

During your free phone consultation, you’ll tell us about where you want your story to go from here; and we’ll figure out together which of our therapists might best help you get there. You and your chosen therapist will then meet as often, or as infrequently, as necessary to move your story in the direction you want it to go.

Jonesborough Therapy

Willow & Arbor provides therapy and counseling for the Jonesborough area, including nearby towns like Erwin, Sulphur Springs, Limestone, and Telford. Our office is right up Jackson Blvd in neighboring Johnson City.

You’ll have the option of meeting with one of our therapists either in-person at our Johnson City office, or you can have a private telehealth virtual session in your own home if it’s more comfortable or convenient for you.

Contact one of our Jonesborough therapy providers today, and let’s see how the plot unravels from here together.

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