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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Willow & Arbor clinicians prescribe medication for me?

No. In order to obtain new prescriptions or refill current ones, you would need to find a psychiatrist who will be able to assist you. There are no psychiatrists at Willow & Arbor.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Willow & Arbor does, however, electronically file claims with your insurance company on your behalf so you can get reimbursed directly as quickly as possible.

Does Willow & Arbor provide crisis care?

Willow & Arbor clinicians do not provide 24/7 crisis care. As part of the intake process, you will be provided a list of local mental health resources and their contact information in case of an emergency.

What are your session rates?

Rates can vary from clinician to clinician within Willow & Arbor depending on the type of therapy, the specialized expertise of the clinician and/or the current demand for that clinician’s services. Typically, rates range between $60 to $200 per session depending on which therapist you are working with.

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