Depression wears many faces. One of them is the more obvious, nearly ever-present, sadness which is how depression is most often portrayed in media. But it might also be an emotional numbness that a casual observer would likely never notice. Or, it could make you feel constantly on-edge, angry, or just plain irritable over seemingly small things. Each person’s experience with depression takes its own unique path.

Depression doesn’t have a single root cause. Factors can range from your family history to illness to medication you’re taking to life events like losing a loved one, being overwhelmed by stress, or having relationship issues.

We offer a free phone consultation to talk with a therapist about what kind of depression or depression-like symptoms you may be experiencing. Based on your unique needs, the two of you will decide which of our staff therapists might be best able to help.

Depression treatment

Willow & Arbor provides depression treatment and related psychotherapy services throughout the Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol) and surrounding region including neighboring towns like Jonesborough and Elizabethton.

When you choose a Willow and Arbor professional to work with, you can choose to meet about your depression treatment either in-person at our Johnson City office; or, if it’s more comfortable and convenient, you can choose to be at home with our online therapy sessions.

Contact us to reach one of our therapists about depression, and let’s talk about it.

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