Parenting therapy


Parenting is a never-ending challenge. Children don’t come with instruction manuals. They don’t even come with so much as a basic troubleshooting guide. Even if you think you’ve have it all figured out today; your children will grow into adolescents, teens, and then young adults: and each phase of their life will require different parenting techniques and skills. And that’s assuming everything goes perfectly to plan until they reach adulthood.

Life-changing events like moving, adoption, the birth of siblings, separation, divorce, or even death can cause children to withdraw socially, become defiant, act out physically, and have difficulty with behavior or grades in school. When either the child or the parent(s) have past trauma or are already dealing with mental health issues, the situation can compound quickly.

Checking the internet for advice can have mixed results and often produces contradictory advice. So what can you do when parenting gets difficult? Parenting therapy might be the answer.

We offer a free phone consultation to help you decide if parenting therapy would be helpful. You’ll talk to a therapist about what is going with you and your child(ren); then together you’ll decide which of our staff therapists might be best able to help.

Parenting therapy

Willow & Arbor provides parenting therapy and counseling services throughout the Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol) and surrounding region including neighboring towns like Jonesborough and Elizabethton.

You can meet with one of our therapists or counselors about your parenting needs either in-person at our Johnson City office, or you can choose to be in the comfort of your own home with our online therapy sessions.

Contact us to have a conversation with one of our therapists about how parenting therapy and counseling can help.

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