Trauma and PTSD Treatment

Trauma and PTSD Treatment

It’s difficult for almost anyone to get through life without their fair share of emotional, mental, and physical scars. But some traumas run much deeper than others; and their long-term impact on your well-being, and that of those closest to you, can be significant.

Most people understand that past trauma can directly cause PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder); but even if it doesn’t, dealing – even subconsciously – with that trauma can also lead to a long list of other mental health issues like substance abuse, depression, self-harm, avoidant behaviors, emotional regulation problems, trust issues, and more as well.

If you feel that past trauma may be affecting you and/or your relationships today, then you should consider a free phone consultation. You’ll talk to a therapist about how you are being affected and you’ll decide together which of our staff therapists might be best able to help you get the trauma treatment you deserve.

Willow & Arbor provides trauma and PTSD treatment services throughout the Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol) and surrounding region including neighboring towns like Jonesborough and Elizabethton.

You can meet your chosen therapist or counselor either in-person at our Johnson City office, or you can choose to be in more familiar surroundings like your home with our online therapy sessions.

Contact us about trauma and PTSD treatment, and let’s talk about how you start taking control back.

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